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As a leading supplier of airfield lighting products, we are known for putting customer service first in our business. GLANOX Airport Solutions has a long history of putting our customers first and providing arguably the most comprehensive service in the aviation industry. As our many years of experience have shown, GLANOX is able to service any airport with their airfield lighting requirements. To find out more about our service and support, please select one of the areas below.

Planning & Design

Our technical team can advise you on the best possible products, equipment and methods of implementation to realise your specifications and requirements.

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Due to our special refurbishment concept, we have the possibility to repair complete lighting systems and especially underfloor and overfloor lights.

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Our team has all the necessary industry knowledge and utilises years of experience in all aspects of installation on both civil and military installations.

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With our 24/7 support service, we ensure that our customers receive exactly what they need to ensure full operational readiness.

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As one of the leading suppliers of aviation floor lighting in Germany, we consistently work towards the goal of being able to offer the widest product range on the market.

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Delivery Service

For our comprehensive shipping options, we work with DHL, which gives us the ability to serve major airports around the world.

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